Friday, February 27, 2015

Exercise Diary: Friday 3-miler

Dragged my butt to the gym today despite getting up super early this morning with very little sleep.  I had the wonderful plan this morning of getting home at 5pm, eat dinner, go to the gym, and go watch the CSSA Chinese New Year Celebration show.  Well, when I came home at 5:30 I felt nothing but exhaustion and just wanted to sleep and not wake up.  So being an antisocial soul after getting up at 8:20pm I decided to skip the celebration (I would've gone to both if the gym doesn't close early on Fridays).

The gym was nice and empty today, but my usual treadmill was still occupied.  I didn't mind it that much, but did find a treadmill that I am now determined to avoid.  It had crappy TV reception.  Did 3 miles, again while constantly staring at the monitor for time and distance elapsed.  It was very torturous.  My Nike+ was being weird again and had to be calibrated once more.  Watched an episode of CSI: Criminal Intent with the sexy Mr. Big Chris Noth.  Still don't really care about CI.

My feet didn't bother me the way I had feared.  I wore my sneakers outside yesterday in anticipation for a run that never happened, and I found that if I walk on concrete in them my left heel bone hurt, a lot.  Like a stress fracture if I ever know what a stress fracture would feel like.  And I was worried.  About my foot and about whether the shoes would be good enough when I will finally be running outside.  I love my Saucony shoes!  Oh well.

But today wasn't so bad.  When I sped up for my last mile my right foot again felt the pressure but otherwise I felt fine.  I think I should take better care of my knees and my left hip though, as I could feel them when I run.

Not sure if I'm going to run tomorrow.  Instincts tell me that I shouldn't, but my pride wants to put another run on my Nike+.  Perhaps I should finally have a date with the ellipticals like I said I would. For the past week I've been fond of artisan cheese and beer, and for two weeks before that had not been doing a lot of running.  And now my scale is telling me that I'm paying for my indulgence and lapse in exercise.  Going to Boston this weekend for some great Asian food so I doubt I will be refraining from excessive eating, but starting next week I'm going back to a light, more normal diet.  I'm thinking of making some sort of beer and beef stew, so I don't have to cook every day and have potatoes as a source of carb instead of rice.  All the beer stew recipes look similar so I'm just going to buy whatever I like and throw everything in the slow cooker with a bottle of whatever beer I have in my fridge.  Hey, it's veggies, beef, and beer right, I don't think much can go wrong with this combo.

Happy Weekend!

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