Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Exercise Diary/Food Diary: the Yoga-doing hungry hippo

Yay for actually going to yoga today~  Every time I go I always feel reluctant beforehand, exhausted during class, and euphoric afterwards, until hunger sets in for real and I just want to eat everything under the (already set) sun.

Today's class went really well.  I felt that my legs and core became stronger.  I could hold out for most of the standing poses, and the core stuff we did (~10 secs of plank and ~25 crunches) was a piece of cake.  But there was one part, where we went from the chair pose to a chair twist and back, made my thighs sweat at an incredible speed that the area of my yoga capris became drenched instantly.  And the crescent lunge-- knee lunge-- worrier III pose killed my thighs even more.  But other than that (or maybe because of it) it was a very good class.

Despite eating lunch at almost 2pm, I began fantasizing about food about 15 minutes before class.  I think it went from fried chicken to Thai noodles to burgers to the actual dinner I was going to make to cake and some other random stuff.  I think chocolate made an appearance at some point.  The fact that I had to go back to lab for a bit after class really killed me.  I was ravished to the point of going crazy when I got home, but still somehow made myself do all the dished I left behind in the morning, and cooking rice and another dish.

I ended up cooking rice with a few new ingredients: tomato, corn, and salted beef (or is it pork?  I couldn't tell and didn't care).  It was a bizarre recipe that was circulating on Chinese social media for quite a bit a few months back, and I had been procrastinating on trying it out.  It's amusingly named "whole tomato rice," and the most basic version is adding an entire (uncut) tomato, along with salt and pepper, to a pot of washed rice and cook in a rice cooker as if you are justing cooking regular rice, and the result was supposed to be heavenly good.  I took the liberty of adding the extra stuff.

And it ended up looking like this:

Which is a lot of rice.  I think I over did it.  I had to add more hot water in afterwards and let it sit in "warm" for another while to ensure that all the rice is fully cooked.  But it tasted great!  Not too sour as I had feared, and the rice is softer and mushier than regular rice.  Very filling too.  I couldn't eat too much of it, which is good since I always over eat after exercising.

Also stir fried some broccoli tips.  Don't remember if I've ever had them before but it's certainly the first time I cook them myself.  Slightly bitter, but good nonetheless.

Happy Tuesday~~

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