Sunday, February 22, 2015

Exercise Diary: Back on the Treadmill, a very Betty White run

First time back to the gym after Monday's run.  Wasn't feeling well this week for a variety of reasons, and I wasn't even sure if I could make it to the gym this morning.  Went to bed late last night finishing up some stuff, and woke up this morning with a terrible headache.  I seriously played with the idea of getting up late today, go to lab, grocery shop, and hit the gym afterwards.  But I think if I gave myself this way out I would further make excuses to not go later.

So instead I got up, made coffee, had breakfast (banana, orange, and a bowl of grain powder mixed with water, so a kind of protein shake?).  I think it was too much liquid, since I kept wanting to pee while running.  But it definitely was enough to keep my energy up.

Arrived at the gym at ~9:30, and the gym was again packed.  Seriously, there is a big crowd of Sunday morning gym goers.  I did two miles, just to ease my way back into a week of more regular runs, but did some speed work, in that I speed up and slowed down gradually during the second mile.

But I was glad that I stumbled upon the Hallmark channel this morning.  I caught the last 2/3 of The Middle, which had Betty White in it playing the school librarian.  And right after that they showed an episode of The Golden Girls, and the main plot was Rose-centric.  There must be some sort of Betty White themed marathon going on, but I didn't stay long enough to figure that out for sure.  But still it was awesome!  I was grinning like an idiot from beginning to end.  Did I tell you how much I love Betty White?  No?  Well, the fact that I bought a Betty White calendar back in 2012, and the fact that I own the entire series of Golden Girls on DVD, 3 books written by her (and an audiobook of her second autobiography), entire series of Life with Elizabeth, and have watched almost all the available clips of her interviews and appearances on Youtube should tell you something.

Need to stretch more before running now, especially after such a long hiatus.  My shins are feeling really tight.  Nothing hurts too much, but I think I'll have to be careful.

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