Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Exercise Diary: Beginning-of-the-week long run

3.5 miles Done~

My favorite treadmill was taken again, by a friend of a friend no less.  But the one I got on worked fine enough.  This week's Castle is about its recurring plot line of the 3XK killer, which is kind of dull but still engaging enough.

I don't think I've ever done a real 3.5-miler on the treadmill before.  My Nike+ record may say otherwise, but it usually over calculates my distance.  Today it was off by almost 0.4 miles, which, after the slight ego boost, just seemed too much.  I've calibrated it before uploading the data so it's actually actuate.

The first 3.2 miles were fine.  Started to get bored by mile 2.5 but at least my body could still keep going.  But by 3.2 I was just tired and couldn't go on.  I still ran the whole thing but reduced the speed by quite a bit for the last stretch.  I hope it won't be as bad when I move the runs outside (but given the incessant snow we are getting that's not going to happen any time soon.  But on the treadmill I could manage a steady speed and I think that's important.

Tonight I felt pain on both of my heel bones.  More serious on the left, but I could feel them both.  I don't think it's the running that did it.  I think it's all the walking in my snow boots that really upset my foot.  I got these boots that go up to my calf and when I lift my foot I feel my ankle is being dragged up, and I think with the big cushioning on the side I underestimate how hard I step down with my feet, thus the added pressure.  Although I'm having a busy week ahead I'm not going to run tomorrow, so to give my feet some rest.  But I hope it won't turn into some sort of stress fracture or something terrible.  I still got a plan to stick to and a 25K to run and marathons to finish in the future.

So there.

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