Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Exercise Diary: Back on the treadmill

Last week had been hectic.  Had to make a poster for a departmental retreat.  Stressed over a meeting with my advisor that never happened.  Had to attend the said retreat.  And right afterwards I had my annual thesis committee meeting.  I was so exhausted afterwards, and upset that the stand-up performance I was supposed to go see on Valentine's Day in Boston was postponed because of the snow.  So instead of catching up on my exercising I cooped inside my apartment for the entire weekend and read Bared to you while the rest of the world went to see "50 shades of gray."  Having read 50 Shades before I have to day that while I saved my money and time with the movie, I still wished I haven't decided to read the other book.

So Monday rolls around and a new week of my half-marathon has begun and I'm behind with two runs from last week.  This week is supposed to be 3/2/4.  And I did my 2 today, which was a smart decision.  The run itself wouldn't be as bad, if I hadn't eaten only a banana for dinner tonight.  I knew I was in trouble before I even put on my gym clothes, but I wasn't feeling well before and didn't want to eat anything, or move at all.  So I had a banana, and hoped for the best.

I had trouble breathing during my run.  I could feel a shin splint coming on which seems to have nothing to do with lack of dinner.  The treadmill I was on had a very weak fan so I was sweating much more than usual but felt even hotter.  The cold water I drank from my water bottle gave me a stomachache.  For the first time in my runs I ran with a mantra: suck it up.  Suck it up, I told myself, don't breathe like you are about to fall off the treadmill.  Suck it up, I said, it's just a small stomachache.  Suck it up, I shouted, it's only 2 miles.

Surprisingly by the end of it I didn't feel so terrible anymore.  I thought about keeping it up and maybe make it to mile 3 but thought better of it.  I would probably make it to 2.3 and call it off.

So it's been a rough start of this running week but at least it's starting again.  After the crazy week and the lazy weekend I really need to get my shit together, and cook and eat and exercise better.  Not sure about yoga tomorrow since I still feel weird and I think I'm getting my period soon, but if not I'll still do something at home, or maybe even go to the gym.  I've heard good things about this new show Fresh Off of the Boat.  So we'll see.

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