Sunday, February 8, 2015

Exercise Diary: Church goers, fitness fanatics

Week 2 of my half-marathon training completed!

I tried to start some HIIT routine yesterday, and I think I seriously did something bad to my knees by attempting to do some air squats.  I think given my weight and my general lack of exercise and muscle strength I shouldn't do anything too strenuous, especially to my knees.  The thing is, the day before yesterday I tried to do my core exercise again, and the next day my abs were sore like crazy so I figured I shouldn't repeat what I did, and instead tried to find some other moves.

So screw HIIT, I'm going to try some bridge variation next.

Anyhoo, I got up before 8 this moring, cooked some rice with salmon so I have protein, healthy fat, and plenty of carb before exercising, waiting half an hour, and did my two miles.

I have to say, even after arriving almost 30 minutes before last week's workout, the gym was still full of people.  They must've waited outside for the gym to open or something.  All the cubbies were full, and half of the people there aren't even students.  I'm really starting to think that of all the people who get up early on Sundays, half of them dress up to go to the church, and the other half lace up their sneakers for the gym.

Couldn't get my usual treadmill again, but this time the TV worked on my alternative.  To my delight the 2 miles went a lot easier this time.  I had to look at the time and milage about 7 minutes in and wonder why it's taking so long, but after about a mile in I no longer had that feeling.  My insoles arrived yesterday so I switched them in, and although now I wish I have more arch support my feet were a lot happier.  Could feel stress on my knees but that went away after a while (it's coming back now so I have to be extra careful).

Given how I had a terrible night of sleep (with tiring dreams) I think last week was bad because I didn't have a good and full breakfast.  And maybe I didn't give myself enough time to wake up.  But it's definitely improved.  Coffee helped too I think.  But carb and protein, and enough of them, I think is the key.

Anyway, running late now, gotta go.  3/2/3.5 next week.  It's gonna be tough since I will be having a busy week and I'm going to Boston and staying the night over the weekend.  But we'll manage.

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