Sunday, March 8, 2015

Exercise Diary: Sunday Evening run

My Nike+ is fucked up.  I can't wait to run outside (so I can use my GPS watch for tracking) or until I get and iPhone (come to think of it, I would have to hold the phone during my treadmill run if I want to use the Nike+running app on the phone so maybe that's not a good solution either).  Or if I win the lottery so I can get a new iPod or something.  But at least it tracked my run today accurately.  I had to calibrate it again to adjust for the right distance, but somehow my iPod uploaded today's run twice so I got a trophy for running twice in a day and my mileage shot up by a third.  But nowhere else can I find the record that I ran twice today, and I have no idea how to delete the run.  I'll just have to re-sync my iPod tomorrow when I go for my 2-miler.

And I'm skipping my Day 6 beginner's workout.  Not skipping, really, but switching.  Day 7 is a rest day and I thought I would do that for my long run days so I can still walk the nest day.

Today I did my long run (4.5 miles), and because of my experiments in the morning and daylight saving, there was no way I could get up early to do it.  But this didn't stop me from running into the same problem.  I again didn't eat well.  As soon as mile 0.5 I could feel my flabby but empty stomach jiggling and I felt sick.  Then my stomach hurt, I don't know if it was the cold water or hunger, or maybe both.  I ate a good breakfast (courtesy of Dunkin' Donuts), but after I came home I ate half a bag of chips, felt disgusted, took a nap, woke up and watched the most sickening episode of "Fortitude" yet, and the whole time I just feel like throwing up.  I ate a banana and orange, and had two bites of my freshly made mashed potato before I left.

Apparently it wasn't enough.  And I had been worried about the 4.5-miler.  I ended up, after the first mile and half, doing a 5-minute run/2-minute walk routine to sooth my stomach, and after 58 minutes I finally managed my 4.5 miles.  I didn't feel physically tired, not really.  My shoulders were tight and that didn't feel good, and my breath got short at points, but my legs were fine and I didn't have the exhausted feeling.  Still feeling a bit queazy and I'm not sure if I even want dinner anymore.  A nice curry would be good though.

Doing a 2-miler tomorrow to start the week off.  Should be a piece of cheesecake after today's fiasco.

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