Thursday, March 12, 2015

Exercise Diary: Got tired/ lazy yesterday, will not let that be a slippery slope

First of all, whoever binge-read my blog yesterday, thanks very much!  I don't advertise my blog much since I don't really put all my heart in it, but rather just use it as a place to record all my workouts and other random thoughts.  But to the few who do visit, thank you~

I got lazy yesterday (Tuesday) in that I skipped my thigh and butt challenges as well as my Day 8 beginner's workout.  I woke up Tuesday morning absolutely exhausted and sore, and just the though of doing lunges and kicks make my body ache.

I did end up going to yoga though, so it wasn't a completely waste of a day.  I have to say, last week's workout already has such a pronounced effect.  My crescent lunges were much stronger and stable, my standing splits and worrier IIIs were effortless.  I just felt that I could do the whole class with less effort, but because I was stronger I could push myself more so I got a better workout at the same time.

But because of that I was so exhausted when I got home.  And hungry.  I had a banana before going to class and that totally got burned away during the first 20 minutes because I was famished when I got home that I didn't feel like doing anymore exercises.  And after looking at the calendar, which said that Day 8 consists of a total body workout video, a cardio video, and a lower back stretch video, I died of exhaustion just by looking at the list.  So I made instant noodles, showered, and called it a day.  Totally unproductive for the rest of the night and even though I went to yoga class I felt like a failure.

Couldn't fall asleep last night despite going to bed early.  Woke up early today to make lunch and go to my friend's PhD thesis defense so I scratched the morning challenge routine.  Was tired the whole day since I opted to not take any coffee this morning, which was a big mistake.

But after getting home at 11pm I still managed to make up the challenges and rolled out my yoga mat.  It turned out that the workouts weren't so bad.  I cheated a little bit on my cardio workout since I couldn't jump around too much without shaking the while building, but other than that I did most other moves faithfully.  I felt that I had done the total body workout video before but parts of it felt foreign.  It was total body too, I got to work my abs, my butt, my back and my arms.  Not sure if I will feel all of them tomorrow but I was hurting while doing it.

So all my pilates workouts have been pushed back a day.  Which I guess is fine as long as I keep going more regularly afterwards.  And I have to remind myself that just because I skipped out on the pilates calendar doesn't mean that I didn't exercise hard.

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