Saturday, March 21, 2015

Exercise Diary: Do no engage in other activities after running

For a variety of reasons I did not move much after Yoga Tuesday.  For one I wasn't feeling well, and the sudden temperature drop on the east coast didn't help either.  We even had snow on Friday, although judging by other people's feedback we had it easy.

I also partook in some St. Paddy's day spirits.  Our local supermarket is currently under renovation so everything in the store kept moving every time I go there and therefore could never find anything I need and constantly ran into stuff I never noticed before.  This week they for some reason had to stack their alcohol (beer mainly) in small batches all over the store, and the smartly did so by beer type.  So all my favorite types of beer, porters and stouts mostly, were stacked in the same location (as opposed to by brand which was what they did before).  I found three different porter and stouts that seemed interesting.  And since my shopping on Thursday I had already polished off two of the three bottles I bought, and naturally on those days I was unable to do anything active afterwards...

Today was my 3.5-miler.  I'll have to put off my 5-miler long run until Monday, which also means I'll have to go there extra early, before Castle starts, so I could finish before the gym closes, since i don't think I could finish 5 miles in an hour, as I've never kept a 5mi/hr pace for very long.

After my run today, and the run felt eerie, I had a performance rehearsal in the same gym so I thought I would shoot two birds with one stone.  Except I forgot how much I smell after I run, and we had to take our shoes off in the room we rehearsed in.  Nobody said anything during that time but I felt very self-conscious and it wasn't fun.  So that's the last time I'll be doing that.  It's straight to home and shower from now on.

But since the undergrads are still on spring break but the gym is still open for regular term hours, and since today is Saturday, there was almost no one in the gym after 8.  I was one of the 2 or three people in the gym (besides the front desk person), and it felt really weird.  I was constantly wondering if the gym was going to close and I was going to be kicked out.  Caught the end of an episode of "As time goes by", saw an old episode of "The Big Bang Theory", and caught the beginning of an "Are you being served" episode.  So it wasn't heart-pounding television (which some forms actually helps with my runs just like high-energy music does), but very sweet and enjoyable nonetheless.

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