Monday, March 16, 2015

Exercise Diary: I hope I don't get appendicitis...

We are more than half way through March, and yet I'm still only on Day 9 of my 30-day beginner's workout out and Day 11 of the thigh and butt challenges.  Yet, since the one week when I intensely followed all the workout schedule despite my other activities with running and yoga-ing, I could no longer distinguish one type of pain from another.  Does my heel bone hurt or just my skin on my heel?  Is my plantar fasciitis acting up again or does my foot just feel real tight?  Did I pull something on my hip, or am I just getting sore muscles that happen to be near my hips?  Do my knees hurt from all the kneeling I did for my New Year performance practice or did I do something stupid during my running? Am I getting premature menstrual pain, or have I just over-worked my abs?

Did I just get appendicitis from running after eating too much too soon, or was the pain I felt during my run tonight a normal side-effect of running?

I certainly felt no more pain now, or I would definitely get myself to the emergency room.  But tonight's run didn't go the way I wanted.  With only 2.5 miles tonight I was going to do some mini tempo work, playing with the speed a bit to make the run more interesting and productive.  But after 1.3 miles my left side of my stomach area start to hurt in a way that had nothing to do with my muscles, or at least that's what it felt like.  I didn't know what it was, and as I made it to the 1.4 mark the pain persisted so I slowed to a walk, hoping that by not bouncing up and down as much I would alleviate the pain a bit.

And it did.  So I finished running the last mile.  And for the most part I felt fine, until I finished and slowed to a fast walk and the pain returned, until I got home and stopped moving.  I stretched and sat down to write the post and now I don't feel any more pain anymore, so I hope it's nothing serious.  I probably just ate too much tonight and the food hadn't completely digested.  It's still a problem I have.  i get hungry in the afternoon and instead of eating a quick snack to curb my hunger I start fantasizing about what I want for dinner and like today, I actually went to fulfill my fantasy.

Before I went running I did this butt workout, in addition to the butt and thigh challenge.  I did this because they were short moves (the video was only 8 minutes long, and the actual workout was only 5 minutes), and I thought it would be good to warm me up and wake me up before my run.  My legs ended up hurting so much during that 5 minutes and my butt hurt more after I was done (it as a glute workout video after all).  I think I will feel my butt more tomorrow, and it was a hard core workout, very effective too.  Still I think I liked the other 6-minute workout better, only because I didn't feel as much like dying while doing that video.  And now I'm way too tired to do the Day 9 workout (most because it has a 28-minute total body workout that I'm just scared to do, even though i've already done it twice already and it's really not as bad.  I think I will do it Wednesday.  I probably shouldn't try too hard to add the workout to days I'm already exercising, but rather to use it to fill in the days I'm inactive to created a more regular routine.  Maybe this way I won't feel so guilty during all the days I'm just to tired to do the videos.

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