Friday, July 11, 2014

Exercise Diary: Quick Post, Quick Run

Just came back from a week of vacationing at home.  Not that we went anywhere special, but just by being in the Big Apple after months in the mountains is a big refreshing change.

Didn't do any runs while at home, but I did walk quite a bit in NYC.  On my birthday I wondered in lower Manhattan and walked a total of ~80 blocks and almost gave myself a heat stroke.  And after I got back I found that I lost another pound.  Can't say that I complain!

I was very much hoping that I would get a new cell phone (and a new plan) when I was home.  But what I found instead was that our old family plan contract, which my parents signed two years ago in the summer, doesn't actually end until the end of the year.  And while we could terminate it early and switch, we are no longer in a hurry so we didn't end up doing anything but had a lot of discussions.  Basically for me is that I'm not getting a new phone right now and I still don't have data coverage in my plan (and since I'm actually not paying for any cell phone bills I don't have the right to complain).  What I did, however, was that I got a cheap Android phone in the hopes that it would be a better alternative to my iPod Touch.  It wasn't, since the phone is not compatible to either Nike+Running or Zombies, Run! apps, so if I want accurate records of my runnings I would still have to use my iTouch with the Nike sensor.  Oh well.

I was able to download some other apps, but none of them work properly without access to internet.  So while I did a short run yesterday, all I have is the amount of time I spent running, and no other data. One of these days I will just have to suck up and get a GPS watch to end all hassles.  Don't know when, but some day.

Did about 3 miles today yesterday.  I was supposed to go for a volunteer training and it was only a short distance away, so I ran there and back.  I had to go running at 5pm, which was not ideal but what could I do?  I did became very aware of every piece of shade on the way, which there were more than I anticipated.  It was nice under the shade, and there was a light breeze, but I really don't like the blazing sun and 5pm is not a good time for running.

Workout for Thursday, 7/10:
Time: ~34 min
Distance: ~ 3 miles (According to google maps anyway.  The time also seemed right.  But it felt like a very short way away so I still can't be convinced that it was actually 3 miles to and back).

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