Thursday, July 31, 2014

Exercise Diary: Run, Lazy bum, Run!

July has not been a good month in terms of exercising.  With my friend's motivation I did manage to go to yoga almost every week, but on the running front I really have been lacking.  And I fear that I was on the verge of giving up.

I have often asked myself why.  Why altering getting yourself home at a reasonable hour you refused to put on your gym clothes and go out again.  Why did you stay up late when you said you wanted to go for a weekend morning run?  Why do you keep making excuses?  Why are you so determinant in the evenings, promising yourself that you would go out and run tomorrow and when tomorrow comes you choose to waste the evening away?

I don't think I will be ready for my half-marathon in October.

I think my main reason is my foot.  I still haven't gotten it checked out.  I'm still trying to find a good way to describe my injury, and I'm terrified at the possible solutions that would be given back to me.  Sometimes the pain worsens for no reason, and other times I get the false hope that it may be getting better.

The other reason is that I'm terribly self conscious about being seen.  If I can have my way I would get up at 5 every morning and run on empty streets (but I can't get up in the morning).  I don't want to run into anyone I know.  I don't want to be seen by strangers.  I don't know why, but I am more self-conscious about my slow running and my terrible body image than ever before.  I even went back on the treadmill, but the boredom was worse.

So yesterday I made a decision that I would just have to put on my running clothes and RUN!  And I sort of picked a bad time to do it.  I had a 30 minute incubation period during one of my experiments that I thought would be perfect for a 2-mile pond run.  So I did.  And I went.  And I finished the two miles within thirty minutes.  And even factoring in the time to get in and out of my gym clothes I was only a few minutes over.  I guess running-wise it wasn't too bad, but the subsequent failure of my experiment sort of brought the whole experience down.  I was running terribly late, my experiment didn't go the way I wanted, and I had to postpone my meeting with my friend for almost 20 minutes.

But after all that, I did go out a run.  It wasn't a long run but I thought it was a good start.  My foot, surprisingly, didn't bother me during or after the run.  It did start to feel terrible in the evening.  I iced and massaged it, but I don't think that made it any better.

With the help of Garmin Connect training plan (oh, did I tell you, I got a new GPS watch~  More on that later I think), I decided to embark on a half-marathon training.  It's a 16-week plan so I won't be ready for my half in October, but we will see how it goes.  I still have a few weeks till the registration deadline, so I still have some time to decide whether I want to do it for real.

We'll see how it goes~~

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