Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Exercise Diary: Quick Yoga Post

Went to yoga yesterday.  I kind of had to go since I haven't been to yoga in two weeks, plus I got a free class because it was my birthday last week.

Summer really is a time when everyone is outside doing their physical activities.  When we got to the studio around normal time we were the first ones there.  Granted eventually the class filled up pretty well, and there were more than a few first timers, but overall it really is best to be outside.

Also partly because the studio was as hot and humid as outside.  If we are smart we should hold classes outside about an hour before heavy rain so they will save some money on their heating bill.

It was a good class over all.  My balance, especially on my right leg, still sucks, but otherwise I do feel stronger and somewhat more flexible.  Tried to do a back bend but failed miserably.  Perhaps if I lose another 10 pounds and strengthen my arms a bit I could eventually do it.

The yoga studio offers a rewards program, so you get points for attending classes and referring friends and such, as a way to motivate people to attend classes and get their friends to attend classes.  I had previously already earn enough points to get a studio logo T-shirt, which I assume was made mostly from cotton (there was no tag) but has a slightly different feel.  It feels thinner and silkier and clings to your body more, so I was always assuming that it has at least some polyester in it.

I wore my shirt proudly into the studio since I couldn't put it on when I was 10 lbs heavier.  As I said, the shirt clings to the body so it brings out the worst part of your torso.  I had tried it on in the studio's makeshift changing room before I took it home with me but it was tried on in haste and I didn't realize how much my stomach was showing.  But now I can wear it and not feel conscious about wearing it so  I have really made some progress regarding weight loss.

The shirt, however, was not good for warm yoga.  It's slippery, so it gets almost slimy with sweat.  And the sweat stays, to the point that I saw giant sweat stains on my back and under the arms when I took it off afterwards.  And it's thin, so it doesn't even absorb that much sweat, most of it went on  to the mat.  It was overall very yucky.  I still like the shirt, but I probably won't ever wear it again to yoga.

Anyhoo.  Just want to put it on record that I went to yoga yesterday.  It was a good class and it felt easy.  We started out really slow, probably because of all the newcomers, but I did get a workout from it, so all is good.

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