Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Exercise Diary: Sweaty Summer

Went to yoga yesterday and the class was packed.  I guess since most of the classes were canceled yesterday on campus due to the holiday, people did most of their sunbathing during the day and decided it was time to go to yoga in the evening.

Worse, because of the holiday there was no public transportation.  So instead of rushing to finish my experiment (yes I still worked) so I could catch the bus, I had to speed walk to the studio only to find that the only empty spots in the classroom were way in the front.  So for the first time I did yoga in the front row and I guess it was okay.

Basically I was wet from before the class started to way after it was over.  I broke into a sweat walking to the studio, I soaked my shirt and my towel during the class, and after we were done it started to rain outside so I was wet again while walking home.

And for some reason I decided to do about 30 squats (got to have a booty to fit into nice shorts right?) while cooking dinner last night and my thighs today were hurting like I had never excised before yesterday.  So much so that I chickened out again today and only did two laps around the pond (2 miles).

I again decided not to bring my visor today and again it was a mistake.  The sun was beaming, and it was very very warm.  Nice breeze, but still very hot.  While running I could feel sweat dripping down my forehead and neck, but it wasn't until after my run while stretching that I realized the low back of my shirt was completely soaked.  So is my bra, and basically my whole upper body.  I think next time I need to bring a change of clothe so I don't walk home wet again.  Gross.

I feel like I've become weaker since I started running outside.  Today was probably because of my sore thighs, but I felt like I was ready to be done barely half way into my first-miler.  That was an ego crusher.  about 0.8 mile I decided to do a little fartlek and ran toward some arbitrary land mark before succumb to a walk.  And that was about 10 minutes of running so I guess I was sort of doing my 10K training maybe.  I did two more run-relatively-fast-then-jogged-for-a-bit-and-walk thing before deciding that 2 miles is good enough for today.

Listened to fast music again, all of them at least a few years old now but familiar and comforting.  I really don't understand, other than for safety reasons maybe, why many races don't allow the runners to wear headphones.  I don't find the music distracting from my running and breathing, rather I think it helped me to focus.  I sort of simultaneously tune into the music and zone out of it.  I could feel my breathing but couldn't hear how excruciating it sounds, which in truth is a discouraging distraction.

My coworker forwarded me an email today about a half-marathon in November.  I was tempted because of the swag, but I just don't think I can make a commitment right now.  And after today's run I really don't think I'm ready either.  While I know that I need a goal so I don't always run the crappy 2 miles when I get myself around that pond, I think a half-marathon (whether it's just finishing or finishing within its time limit) is a bit out of my reach.  It's a good goal theoretically, but I think in truth I would just be afraid of it and do what I always do when I'm afraid: procrastinate.  And that will not be helpful.  So we'll see.

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