Sunday, May 24, 2015

Exercise Diary: Saturday Fun

Went to yoga again today, this time with a new friend.  I told a bunch of people about the yoga studio I joined and while many expressed interested she was the only one who actually wanted to take a class.  We had to work around her schedule a bit but it's kind of touching that she still wants to do it given that she's leaving here in a short while so there won't be a chance of her becoming a regular member.

Which is why I went to a yoga class on Saturday, something I don't think I've ever done, and two days after my last class.

It was a nice class.  We had a substitute instructor which is always nice since new teachers bring their own style and series of poses and their own way of explaining how to do things.  We did a bunch of sun salutations but added in a bunch of balancing poses and side plank variations, which killed me.  But I really like the change in the style that I'm more familiar to.

I again sweated more that I have ever done.  My shirt was soaked all the way through and half way through the class I began to have sweat dripping down from my forehead down my face.  But I think my body is more used to the work now, I no long feel like I've regressed to the beginning of last year with my joints all tensed up and inflexible.

Afterwards for the first time I didn't immediately go back to my apartment and shower.  Instead my friend and I went to a small fair hosted by a bunch of asian societies on campus where they had free food and games.  We replenished all the calories we burned with bubble tea, aloe juice, strawberry mochi, and fruits.  I was way too full for kabob or rich balls, since I was still digesting the chicken I had two hours before my class.  With food we also played the board game go and the toy shuttlecock, and as we were leaving I felt a sense of happiness and slight nostalgia, this overall warm feeling that I haven't had in a long time.  It was very satisfying.  Maybe with the exception of having another round of go with a better player I didn't have the painful feeling of not wanting the whole thing to end, but it brought me back to a fantasy childhood that I could never go back to since it was nothing but a collection of chunky happy moments.  Anyway that combined with the endorphins released from the yoga exercise made my afternoon very very happy.

Things on my mind:

  • Going to New Orleans next weekend for a conference and I'm super excited now.  Feeling slightly guilty since I'm way more excited about the fun things I want to do in the city rather than the conference itself.  But I've never been to New Orleans and it will just be a shame if I miss the culture.  I anticipate being drunk and sleep deprived the whole time I'm there but if that's how i'm going to squeeze work and play in then I guess that'll have to do.
  • My new shoes arrived yesterday.  I'm now not so into Kinvara 5 anymore since the shoes don't seem to fit perfectly.  I returned my size 9 pair for 9.5 since the 9 were way too tight, and now I feel that the 9.5 may be too big.  I haven't run in them yet (will do tomorrow) but now I'm getting a bit tantrum-y because the shoes are being so difficult.  I think this will be the last time I invest a lot of my consciously deciding on what running shoes I'm going to buy.  My Saucony Cohesion cost $38 and I had never tried them on before buying and now I got almost 100 miles on them.  They were by far my most satisfactory purchase.  Go figures.  
  • It's still quite chilly here in New England but New Orleans will be hot hot hot!  Which reminded me again of how fat I still am and cannot really look good in any summer clothes and i hate that.  I really need to be harder on myself about losing weight with both exercise and diet.  I have way too much to lose and not enough will power to lose it all.  I don't think it will happen in time for my trip but I really hope that sometimes before the end of summer I will be able to go out feeling good and confident about how I look in summer clothes.  My birthday is coming up and I just don't want to wasted too many years felling shitty about my body before I get too old.  

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