Sunday, April 13, 2014

Exercise Diary: Taking it easy

I really think that regular exercise comes only to those who lead a regular, relatively stress-free life.

That is not to say that those people sit on their butts all day, have no worry in the world, and spend a pile of money they don't make themselves for a living.  They may held high powerful positions, they may have tremendous worries in their lives, but they are not so stressful as not to have any energy to think about exercising at all.

I had a long day yesterday.  I left in the morning at 10 past 9, and didn't come back home until 10 before midnight.  I had some of the most random junk for dinner, and went to sleep at 2am and didn't get up until almost 12 hours later.

And today was the first day in 3 weeks that I didn't look forward to running and was dreading the exercise.

I just thought that I couldn't possibly deal with it.

I guess if your day is uncontrollably long and tiring you wouldn't want to exercise either, no matter how refreshing it may be afterwards.

I had promised my friend that I would run with her today, but I woke up to the sound of rain and just wasn't feeling up to it.  I was hoping that the rain would stop and the sun would come up by the afternoon, and the rain did stop, though the sun never fully emerged from behind the clouds.  We were supposed to run on pavements so I had hoped that the morning rain wouldn't dampen our plans.

But then she emailed to cancel, saying that she went running yesterday and had hurt her knees.  I was partially relived, because I could feel the periodical pain on my shins and was nervous about running with her, but at the same time I was sad that I didn't get to run outside.  I contemplated about running outside by myself, but couldn't think of a well-paved route that would be free of people, runners and cars, on a nice Sunday afternoon.  Besides, it's still chilly out, and I wasn't really looking forward to running in a jacket, with a running belt and orange cap for the whole world to see.

So I went to the gym and ran on the treadmill instead.  I went really late in the afternoon and it was chilly and the track was closed.  And today instead of running for as long as I could at 5.2 mi/hr, I tried to do an interval practice, alternating between running for 3 minutes and walking for 2 minutes, graduating increasing in speed and running period.  The increase in running length never happened, but I did go from 5.0 mi/hr to 5.2 during the workout.  I don't quite remember why I didn't commit to gradually running longer, maybe because of my shins, but I did find running 3 minutes at a long very manageable and sometimes unsatisfying.  But in the end, during my cool down walk, my left shin kept throbbing insistently (still is), that I feel that I had again overworked myself.  Oh phooey.

Interesting things:

  • I had forgotten that badminton has extended its hours to the weekends, more specifically Sundays  7-9.  Saw my friends playing but just didn't want to join in.
  • Saw a guy running effortlessly and with perfect form on a treadmill a row ahead of me, running at 7.3 mi/hr, and kept at the pace for my entire run.  And he kept a long stride, so it was easy to follow his movements and admire him at the same time.
  • So was another girl.  More opening going at him.  She's also asian, and she looked like she was anorexic.  Or, according to other asians, normal looking.  She was skinny but she runs well.  I don't know if she has a crush on the guy, or if they are just really good friends, but during my entire run she went to talk to him 3 times (while he was running).  She started out running on the treadmill right next to mine, directly behind him, and ran for like 5 minutes, first at 6 mi/hr, then gradually upped to 6.7.  Like I said, she could run.  Then she mystically left, and after a few minutes, went to talk to him again, and tried to run next to him.  She started with 6.5 mi/hr, running using noticeably quicker steps than when she was running next to me.  I hope they are good friends or are dating or something, if not then I find her a very silly girl.
  • Just saw today that two of my friends in high school completed a half-marathon this weekend.  I'm both inspired and jealous, of their ability to run, and of their maintained friendship.  I don't think I had talked to either of them since high school, and had only Facebook talked to one of them at some point.  One of the girls I was both jealous of and inspired by.  She was chubby in high school, like me, but she has since taken up running, found a boyfriend (now fiancee) who either inspired her to run or she met during her running, and they have since ran many races together.  Plus she is now skinny.  I hope I would be like that one day.  Skinny and good at running I mean, if I can get a boyfriend out of it that would be a nice bonus too.  

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