Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Exercise Diary: Meh run, interesting people at the gym though

After yesterday's breakthrough, I had a feeling that today's run wouldn't be spectacular in anyway.  My legs are tired.  Shin splints are cropping up.  I am acutely aware of my front leg muscles as I go about my day.  I'm not tired, I'm not injured, but I think I've overworked myself.

Good thing that I'm not running for the next two days (yoga Thursday).

In short, I did 2.87 miles in ~40 minutes today.  Fine first 10 minutes, then tired.

But I can now walk and run for a longer period of time.  I was doing a 40-minute timed workout, and for all intents and purposes I did just that.

My thighs are really tired now after today's run.  I could feel the muscles spasming, and it's time for a rest.

Interesting observations:

  • I went a bit late today, at almost 8:40, since I had to go grocery shopping with my friend earlier.  I was starved and I had some bread pudding (store bought) and Snapea crisps before leaving for gym.  I don't think I'm going to make my own bread pudding, even though the stuff I bought wasn't half bad, especially after heating.  I have a very good recipe from the late Nora Ephron, but the ingredients are shocking.
  • Still a lot of people in the gym.  My friend the crazy badminton guy/basketball guy was there, doing strength training I imagine.  He was sweet enough to step into my field of vision and wave hi.  Then I never saw him again.
  • Apparently some channel was playing Harry Potter and Prisoner of Azkaban.  I wasted some energy trying to figure out what movie a McGonagall scene was for, and was ashamed that it took a few shots before I could figure out.  
  • On my own display/TV screen it was playing FoxNEWS.  Eww.  Though I don't watch the TV screen anymore I still had to switch to CNN (not by choice, it was just that it wasn't FoxNews) before my workout.
  • Everyone around me on the treadmills were great runners, but the guy in front of me to the right was exceptionally good.  He already did almost 4 miles when I started running, and it only took him 27 minutes to do that.  He was running at a 6 or so minute pace, burning over 1000 calories an hour, and apart from his increasingly soaking wet white T-shirt he didn't change his speed, posture, or anything else until he finally stopped after a 7-mile run.  It only took him 47 minutes.  He, in essence,  did a 10K like it was nothing.  And all the while he was running he kept a similar stride speed  as I was so stride-wise I was matching him, which made my admiring him all the more effortless. Of course he had longer legs and much, much better endurance.  Good for him.  His posture was great too.
  • The girl to my left was also doing exceptionally awesome.  She completed a 2.7-mile run in about 35 minutes, running at a speed of 6mi/hr for the most part.  Unlike the dude before me she kept a much quicker stride speed, taking smaller steps.  She also had great posture (and she was so skinny but her body proportion was perfect), but I imagine that if I pay attention to her while running myself I would really lose control of my breathing. 
  • Stopped to watch my friends play badminton before going back home.  I think my super-good friend had hurt her back.
  • I'm now going to take a shower, help myself with a large slice of (store-bough) chicken pot pie and some ice cream, hopefully do my laundry today (may still not get to it), and call it a night.

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