Monday, April 14, 2014

Exercise Diary: Slowly back on track

Woke up this morning and for a blissful hour and half I was able to walk around my apartment without feeling any pain in either of my shins.  It kind of started again as I started to walk to walk, but the sharp, acute pain was largely gone, and I was left only with periodic dull throbs.

I went running again today, and I triumphantly persuaded a lab mate to join me.  She had made a bunch of excuses about not wanting to go, but eventually agreed.  She went to yoga with us once, way back when, and I think she remembered how unfit she felt in class and that was what fueled her to come.  She didn't have any proper gym clothes or shoes to speak of, but she didn't run (said she was afraid to run on the treadmill), instead had continuously walked for the almost 40 minutes I was doing my workout.

As for my workout, I actually felt better today.  My left calf was really tight the whole time, and at one point it was hurting.  But as time went on it felt better.  I was doing everything I could to keep running while making sure that no part of my legs was feeling pain.  I did more walk/run alternates, and gradually increased speed.  My last two running intervals were at 5.3 mi/hr, which, by the end of my workout, I was having a little trouble doing.  I had to quicken my steps and breath heavily, but I managed.  I actually tried 5.4 as well, but that was too much for me.  My legs were holding up fine, but my breathing was not.  Oh well, we'll make more progress tomorrow.  I hope I won't be  paying for the added speed later tonight.

Interesting things:

  • My sensor pouch arrived.  Hooray~  It's small and black, which blends in well on my shoe.  It's also very light so I barely feel it there.  But because it was wrapped around my shoelace and secured by valcro, it wobbles a bit when I run so that I could feel it wobble, which wasn't a big deal but did alarm me into thinking that it might fall off or something.
  • I was recommended to buy running shoes that are slightly bigger than what I would normally wear.  So when I got my new running shoes that's what I did.  Except because it's a bit too big my feet slip inside the shoes.  While it might fit better with the arcs of my feet, it's more secure to put my toes against the tip of my shoes as I run.  I don't think they are the best fitting shoes ever.  I should've stuck with my usual size.  It's easier to buy a bigger size in the asian and UK shoe metrics than the American ones.  

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