Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Exercise Diary: Opposite activities, opposite emotional journeys

Today was yoga day.  I was excited and afraid at the same time.  Excited that I get to do yoga again, which works on a whole bunches of different parts of the body, afraid because last time I went it was a rough hour and 15 minutes.  And since I didn't go last week, I wasn't sure how I would fare.

Surprisingly it went well.  I did all the poses without stopping or taking a restorative pose.  I still have some balance issues, but my legs seem to be much stronger.  Even though we did A LOT of crescent lunges and warrior IIs, my thighs weren't as exhausted as they had been last time.  And when I did chair poses my shins weren't hurting.  My right ankle was more screwed up than my left by the end, but it doesn't seems to be a long lasting injury.  It was interesting to note that my right side and my left side of the body (especially the legs) have different degrees of flexibility and balance (probably due to strength), and despite (or because of) the imbalance I could certain poses better on one side, and certain other poses better on the other side.

We also did some major core stuff.  In fact, we blatantly did lots of crunches.  We had to put a foam block between our legs, kept the legs raised, and squeeze the block as we do the crunches.  I haven't done crunches in a while, so tomorrow I'm going to feel it.

For yoga, or any other form of exercise, you always have a tough time during the activity, but feel really good afterwards.  But for eating, it's completely the opposite.

During yoga I had this overwhelming urge to get gelato afterwards.  I later realized that I was just really hot and thirsty, and after I took a few sips of water I no longer had this urge.  But when we were doing our final resting pose before the end of class, my mind wondered from fish taco to fried fish, and I decided that I wanted fish and chips for dinner.  Nothing healthy, and everything fried.

I ended up getting chicken tenders and fries because I had mistakenly thought the restaurant I went to had fish and chips.  They were still very good, and there was way too much food.  I ended up taking most of the fries home, but still forced myself to finish all the chicken tenders.  I also had two giant cups of ginger ale (yes I allowed myself soda and they gave free refills).  So I think I ate all the calories back.  But after over eating I felt terrible, wondering why I would wasted a hard day of yoga, why I would allow myself to feel so terrible like this, again.  And I remembered, I remembered how much I wanted that fried food, how I couldn't bear leaving one piece of freshly fried chicken tender for left over, so I kept eating.

It's a sick addition, and according to Stephen Fry, it's just like sex.  Feeling great while doing it, disgusted afterwards.  But both exercise and eating are fun and addictive.

I really wish I have an iPhone right now so I can download and play Zombies, Run game to further motivate me running.  And yoga is a great cross training for running, I don't know why no one has really said it before.

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