Sunday, April 5, 2015

Exercise Diary: Making it up as I go along

I'm still feeling the effect of my butt workout from yesterday.  The glute muscles themselves weren't really effected as much as I would have liked, but the leg muscles around my butt are very sore.  And because I'm a sucker for quick results, I'm thinking maybe I should incorporate some of this Ballet Beautiful workout into my routine as well, since they provide a longer, more gradual workout that make you feel really tired at the end but does not make you want to kill yourself (not as much) during the process.  It's just long and repetitive, like a slow long run day.  But mostly I'm tempted by the quick and really obvious results that everyone raving about.  Since there are only about 5 or 6 videos available online (each targeting a different area of the body) I feel that I could incorporate them into my routine, rather than completely having them replacing my old stuff.

That, of course, has its own dangers.  One of the things I like about Blogilates is that Cassey gives you a calendar at the beginning of each month, charting out what you need to do every day.  Or in my case, a beginner's workout calendar.  Not that I had successfully followed it for an entire month, nor have I done everything it asked for, but at least it gave me an objective list of workout that I should be able to complete and often time that pushes me to a limit I would not otherwise go.  That's my point.  If I start making my own list I would either become too complacent, or too ambitious, and neither is really good.

But that's what we are going to do anyway.  Today I had no specific plan as to what videos I should do.  It's not a running day, and I've given up the hope to get my butt to the gym for an elliptical session since it's never enough motivation to get up dressed up and head out of the door.  So instead I just started with a video, and another, until I was properly sweating, and a reasonable amount of time has gone by.  In this case, about 40 minutes.  If I spend 40 minutes on the treadmill I would probably run 2.8 miles.  And I think that's pretty good for my first improv workout day.

In those 40 minutes I completed:
Ballet Beautiful: Ab workout for a slim waistline
  Since I worked quite a bit on my butt yesterday, and I am doing the April arms challenge, I thought a nice ab workout would be nice.  And it was only 7 minutes, so I had hoped that it would be short but intense.  Well, it was short.  And I don't know if I'm just not doing the moves right, or whatever, I didn't really feel my abs burning.  Rather my upper thighs got a heavy dose and were hurting by the end.  Not a very satisfying workout; I didn't even break a sweat or lost control with my breathing.  Maybe I'll stick with Blogilates for the abs, but I'll wait and see how intense the legs and hips video is.  Those are usually pretty intense.
Ballet Beautiful: Strong&Sexy Swan Arms Workout
  I broke my own taboo and did an arm video next.  I already did my arms challenge for today and really didn't feel a thing.  I knew this video was going to be good since my friend had done it before and said it was brutal.  It's long too, about 17 minutes.  And she filled the entire 17 minutes with endless swan arms and its variations.  It was brutal.  My arms felt like lead by the end of the workout and I assume I will feel them quite acutely tomorrow.  But it's about an hour after I did the arms video and my arms no longer feel like lead.  I can feel every muscles, as all of them got a proper workout, but so far no horrific sore like that Blogilates video I did last week (1 minute of half cobra push-up + 1 minute of triangle push-up can make the back of your arms hurt for a week and I'm not kidding).  But overall very satisfying and will definitely do it again, maybe on running days.
Blogilates 10 min butt lift challenge
  Broke my taboo again.  This is part of the April 1 workout, which was all about butts and hips.  I thought, why not.  It's evident that I'm not going to follow everything on the calendar, and I might as well start with 4/1 again even though it's already 4/5 (how time flies already).  This video was made a few months back as part of the 30-day butt challenge, and therefore I was familiar with all the moves.  It was intense, especially after the workout I already had yesterday.  I was able to do most of the video except the very end when Cassey totally surprised me after the bridge pose and added the single leg bridges.  If I wasn't tired out I would attempt to make it to the end, but I just couldn't.  So I didn't.  For me it was more like a 9 minute butt lift challenge.  But whatever.
Blogiates Hips Butt&Thighs Super Shaper Workout
  It's also part of the 4/1 list.  There were two other bubble butt workout but I just couldn't.  This one had some other components that the workout targeted so I thought why not.  And it did.  Lots of leg circles and lifts and tapping the front and back and doing side planks (which I cannot do).  Also some back leg lift for butt.  Nothing to difficult to do (except the side planks) and my butt is seriously hurting now.  I was going to go for the full hour but after this I thought it was enough for a day.

The shower afterwards was really nice.

So that wasn't too bad.  I think using time instead of sets and reps and things to-do works much better, and I really should have known since it was applicable to running as well.  We'll just have to see how it will go during the weekend when shit again hits the fan and life spins into crazy mode.

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