Tuesday, April 19, 2016

It's all mental

Checked the date I wrote my last post.  Boy so much had happened since 3/23.  Most of it has nothing to do with exercise, but I did start my HIIT gym class again and right from the start I could feel that I was in much better shape than before. Still felt like I was going to die afterwards, which was the reason I've been sort of afraid of going to the last two classes.

Yesterday I did a short run after a week of hiatus.  I had my period and I was tired, etc., so I took the week off, but by the end of that week I got comfortable with not moving or having to go to the gym and I got lazy and complacent. My run yesterday was hurried and I didn't really set a goal.  Essentially I had about an hour before the gym closed and I wanted to squeeze a run in.  I wasn't really tired but I got really bored really quickly.  And I felt frustrated.  I think as I'm physically getting better I need to prepare mentally for each workout just as much. I need a specific goal, and a fall back goal in case it was a bad day.  I need to not be in a rush; if I had to go somewhere afterwards I need to remind myself that the next thing I'm going to do is not more important than my run.

I'm not sure where this post is going... But I just need to regroup.  I've not really done a real yoga class since... well, and I haven't played badminton since my tournament. I haven't gone to my gym class on a regular basis, and I'm busy with life and school work.  I'm still journaling but that has also become a slog, and I really need to regroup.  The weather is getting nicer and with decreasing lab work I have to do it's easier to want to stay home and work and that's not usually the most efficient way of working.  If I don't focus this can fall apart very quickly.

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