Wednesday, April 20, 2016

It wasn't that bad

So I actually managed to make it to my HIIT class today (yay).  The weather was so nice, and I felt like an idiot wearing my fleece jacket and my outer jacket as I walked toward the gym.

Today's stations were a bit weird.  There were 8 stations that you do 35 seconds each, but to get to each station you must run across the indoor track (which is 1/13 of a mile all the way around anyway) so there's a bit more cardio involved.  We didn't do any additional cardio after a whole round, and we didn't have to repeat each station 2x before resting.  But we ended up doing all stations 3 times before starting the last part, and by then I was just a bit bored by all the things we had to do.

But the part I felt really good about myself is that as we stopped each time to take water break, my first thought was "that wasn't too bad". Although, after the 2nd round I kind of felt like throwing up a bit.  I still felt like the wind was knocked out of me after we were done for the day but once I survive the class I really feel like none of it was that bad.  And I always came out stronger and feeling better about myself.

I'm putting running and badminton on hold for the week or so because starting last night I took up a 4-class R.A.D. course that teaches women how to avoid and get away from a potential sexual assailant.  Last night's class was mostly lecturing, but starting tomorrow we are going to have our classes in a gym and learn about different moves and punch stuff.  I learned last night how to make a proper solid fist, and how to stand defensively and offensively.  I look forward to punch stuff tomorrow, and the final simulation class during which I get to punch a padded and suited police officer.  Not because I want to take my aggression out by punching someone, but I've realized that of all the activities I've partaken so far none of it has anything to do with defeating another person.  I mean, you play badminton against another person but you sort of know where you stand in terms of your skills and levels. I know who I can beat in a game, who is way out of my league, and who could be a good match.  But with person-to-person combat, in a potentially life or death situation, when you really have to rely on your physical strength and your skills to get yourself out of a dangerous situation, is when it really shows how much all your self-improvement activities are worth.  I still run a 12-minute mile so I'm not gonna be a world class sprinter, and I still can't run a marathon so I'm not gonna win a golden metal for that, but that's not the point here. If I ever get myself into a situation in which I really have to be quick witted and take physical action to get myself out of trouble I sure hope I don't do so by being really flexible or knowing how to swing a badminton racket.  So, yea, real life skill is what I'm trying to learn here. And maybe some of my aggression will be taken out of me, but we will see.  I said last night during class that the reason why I'm taking it is that it seemed like fun, and honestly I still fully believe that.

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