Sunday, December 6, 2015

Another year, another Black Friday

Ever since I stopped going home for Thanksgiving the holiday to me just means sales and mindless online shopping.  This year is no different.  I spent the better part of my Thursday and Friday sitting in front of the computer, Amazon webpage opened, and watching the clock ticking as the next deal starts.

On Black Fridays I usually buy a lot of DVDs and other random stuff.  Nothing name brand or big/fancy, just random stuff I would normally be tempted to buy but not actually doing it.  But this year, apart from my usual DVD crazy buys, the majority of my other purchases definitely had an athletic theme to them.

My Black Friday shopping really started before Thanksgiving.  The one-ish day sale really awakened my inner shopping demon so I really let my credit card loose since the beginning of that week.  So over the course of the week, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I bought:

1 Fitbit Charge from eBay (which ended up to be cheaper than all of the Black Friday deals)

12-bottle monthly subscription of Soylent (my friend started it)

2 pairs of running pants from Dick's (I wanted something I can use in case I wanted to run outside during the winter, and I ended up returning one pair)

1 pair of Saucony Kinvara 5 in mint green from eBay (I realized that when the Kinvara 6 came out they just stopped making the 5, and therefore you can't really find the 5s anymore from major sellers.  Those who still sell them do not really sell them at a discount like I had hoped.  So I freaked out and got a pair on eBay just to hoard.  I thought about getting 2 pairs but that just seems a bit obsessive.  It's just that I have yet found another pair of shoes that I could run so comfortably in.  I haven't tried Kinvara 6 on yet, and I can't really afford new shoes at their full prices.)

1 pair of Gaiam yoga capris from Amazon.  They actually fit very comfortably and has this cool black-and-white pattern I liked but they make my butt look so huge now I feel self-conscious about wearing them.

1 pair of Adidas running capris.  Also fits nice and comfortably, but the material is such that I can really feel my legs rubbing against each other and I think I might have to apply some body cream on the fabric before I run?

1 pair of Calvin Kline performance capris which I later returned b/c they didn't fit.

1 Smartweighscales body scale that's supposed to be really fancy and can measure all kinds of random stuff like your body fat and your water weight or whatever.  But I don't know for sure since I had to return it for a replacement, as my first one turned out to be defective.  The scale uses these metal plates that measure some electrical current or body heat to generate these data, so after I received my scale I spent the better part of a very cold evening stepping on and off it in my bare feet, freezing myself to death before deciding that I cannot do this alone.  After I called the company the next morning and told them the situation (how the scale doesn't do anything but just telling me my weight and none of the other info shows up), the girl on the phone didn't say much except telling me to contact Amazon to ask for a replacement.  I'm slightly worried about the quality of their scales now since she was so nonchalant about my call.  Also a shame since I don't know what they are going to do with this scale.  I hope they don't just throw it away, it would be such a waste of resources. But my new scale should come in the next day or so and I'm excited about knowing info about myself that really don't mean anything to me.

So running caprices were definitely on my mind when I was Black Friday shopping.  I also looked at other athletics stuff and weight loss stuff and ultimately decided that I liked my money too much to exchange it for the stuff.  Despite the fact that in many instances I liked my money more than the thing I thought about buying, I still spend a very large amount of money on a bunch of random things.  The holiday season is always a time for uncontrollable shopping but I'm also struggling to not increase the amount of "stuff" I own.  It's a hard balance, but so far I'm not thinking about anything else I want to return.

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