Friday, May 9, 2014

Exercise Diary: Hydration required!

Yesterday was the first time I went running since my 5K.  The weather has been perfect and it was an agony not being able to run, but there are just some circumstances under which you don't run, and this is one of them.  I was able to finish Born to Run in the main time, and despite what people say about inaccuracies or complaining about writing styles or depicting certain characters the way it done, I thought it was a fantastic story, and MacDougall is a great story teller.  I was touched several times throughout the book and sobbed at one point, and was sad to say goodbye too all the characters in the book as it ended.  Not sure if I'm going to write a formal review, since it would require re-reading the book more carefully, and I don't think I'm going to re-read it any time soon.  I don't think I want to think too hard on the whole minimalistic running thing, but it was satisfying to see the book calling the whole running shoe industry for the bullshit that it has become.

Anyway, the weather was again perfect yesterday and I went out for a run.  I didn't have a goal in mind when I started, since I wasn't sure how out of shape I would be after all these days not running or exercising.  But I had a route in mind.  I was going to follow a road up to our local pond (not my usual pond, but the local recreational area pond), maybe run around the pond trail, and take the same road back down.  And I didn't bring any water or money with me since I thought it wasn't going to be that long of a run.

But I forgot to calculate the heat into the equation.  It was warm, and after I climbed up a hill I was regretting not bringing a bottle or some money.  I didn't carry money because the route I had planned didn't have any stores along the way so I thought it would be useless.

But on my way I saw a dead squirrel.  Not your typical, flat-on-the-road roadkill, but one that looked like something else had skinned it.  It was all bloody and gross.  After running a bit more I saw a giant dog in its front yard trying to chase me and was barking the whole time.  It looked as if it was confined in some invisible fence, since it never left the yard, but he still spooked me to stare and walked the whole time I passed it.

That was when I decided that I would not take the same way back.  Or running on that road at all for that matter.  I was also very thirsty, and was debating whether I would go to the pond at all or just start to loop back.  I still took a detour to the pond, although I still couldn't find a water fountain there, and was too timid to ask anyone on the boys tennis practice for something to drink.

Despite my hydration failure it was actually a good run.  I did 5 miles total, but that included ~1 mi of warm up and cool down walk.  And it took me forever to do the 5 miles because I stopped at the pond and strolled for a bit.

I was still happy with my run.  I could run for much longer now, and have less desire to stop.  I still struggle after climbing up a hill, but I'm getting better at doing milder inclines.  And next time I really need to bring my camera with me, the afternoon sun shining onto the blossoming leaves and flowers and mountains is really pretty.

Going into the city this weekend.  I'm really looking forward to getting a new pair of running shoes, and maybe some accessories, like a handheld water bottle (still debating).

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